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About Jordan Hockett

Artist Statement


I grew up as the child of two teachers who were also principals at one time or another. I even went to some of the schools they taught at and had them as primary teachers. I entered fourth grade into the brand new Atascadero Fine Arts Academy, a public arts magnet that taught academics in the morning and visual and performing arts in the afternoon. I had emphases in visual art and dance during the five years I attended. I started out making paintings and doing graphic design projects for t-shirts and posters for plays.

I entered San Francisco State for graphic design but soon grew tired of computer applications. I also found it to be very impersonal, for me and for my audience. I wanted to be able to expand my work into other areas where I could express myself and explore different subject matter, so I went to basics and changed my major to studio art. I focused on sculpture, as well as painting and textiles.

My work varies in media, including paint, foam, textiles, and concrete, but continues to utilize layered geometric and organic patterns, and vibrant colors. Folk art and tribal textiles and designs from Africa and Mexico inspire me. Pop culture and fashion also influence my art and manifest themselves in a graphic style that has rhythm and movement like dance steps printed on the canvas.




Jordan is a San Francisco State University Graduate and Paso Robles native who works in a wide variety of artistic disciplines including paint, textiles, sculpture, and printmaking. His work incorporates layers of varied conflicting patterns and divergent color combinations influenced by midcentury and atomic era design and tribal motifs from all over the world. Subjects include family photos, pop culture images, and Californian landscapes. Pattern and color are used to emphasize or change the meaning of an image. Jordan likes to look at his work as a colorful representation of nostalgia and play.




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