Jordan is a San Francisco State University graduate who works and lives in Paso Robles, California. He works in a wide variety of artistic disciplines, including paint, textiles, sculpture, and printmaking.

His work incorporates layers of varied conflicting patterns and divergent color combinations influenced by Mid-century Modern and Atomic Era design and tribal motifs inspired by cultures from all over the world.

His current work is process-oriented, where he lets the work develop organically without beginning with a clear concept. He treats his art as if he was composing a piece of music. He starts with a basic pattern that represents a beat then adds more layers that add rhythm, melody, and complexity. As the pieces evolve, he treats them as inkblot tests, and after it reminds him of something, he takes the design from there.

Subjects include family photos, pop culture images, and California landscapes.

Jordan is currently a resident artist at Studios on the Park, an open studios art center where you can meet Jordan, see works in progress, and view his artwork in person.